cuttlefish in gili air

Cuttlefish in Gili Air

It’s been a great week for finding cuttlefish in Gili Air! Cuttlefish are spotted frequently around the Gili Islands, including the broad club cuttlefish above which was captures on camera on our House Reef this week by our guest, PADI Instructor John McDowell, visiting from the Bahamas. Cuttlefish are not actually fish, they are cephalopods,…

Desirable flabellina

Lembeh Strait Featured Nudibranch: The Desirable Flabellina

Meet this week’s nudibranch feature from Two Fish DIvers Lembeh Strait: the ‘Desirable Flabellina’ (Coryphellina exoptata).  This beautiful nudibranch is the most well known of all the flabellinas…and is also no longer a flabellina after being reclassified into the genus coryphellina.  Enough of the pedantry though, this is one common name that appears to have…