Rebbeca’s first advanced course

Rebecca completed her learning for teaching the open water course a few days ago, and has just completed her learning to teach the advanced course with Connor. She might even be able to swim soon as her arm bands are for age 3 months onwards, so just 1 month go!

New cottage on Lembeh

Just had a recent trip to Lembeh and am pleased to report that we have started our new cottage there. Its going to be located at the end of the resort, away from the restaurant, so nice and quiet, and its going to have a great sea view. It should be finished by 1 July,…


Rebecca starts work!

Who says having a baby means that life has to stop? Tina finally gets to go back to diving after 9 months and Rebecca has no choice but to go to work with mum! During diving Rebecca hangs out at the back of the boat with her nanny, then chats to her first open water…


More guest pics – Keith Davis

Just received the link for Keith’s pictures. Keith stayed with us in Bunaken and Lembeh in April and was one of our first guests to see our new daughter. He is 70 and has promised to visit us again to join Rebecca on her first dive in 10 years time! He has put together a…


Its always been there!

Another nudi I have never seen!! “Its always at that site” say Vanus, one of our dive guides, “you’ve just ever looked.” Yep, and now I can see them, its amazing when you know where and which site. Great colouration. Nigel @ Two Fish Check out more nudibranchs on Two Fish Nudi’s


Two Fish Instructors

We recently received this great picture of two desperate divers. Both Erik (left) and Stephen (right) did their PADI Divemaster course with us back in 2003. Stephen went on to become a PADI Instructor, and he is now a PADI Staff Instructor working part-time in Thailand. As a Staff Instructor, Stephen does the normal courses…


New Fish Diver

New Staff!!! We had a new addition to our staff when Tina gave birth to our daughter. Rebecca Olwyn Emily Thomas (middle names from both her grand-mothers), was born at 5.30am on 12 April, she weighed 3kg and was 50cm, and both mother and daughter are doing fine. The father is also ok, …