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Book Domestic flights in Indonesia

It is possible to book Domestic flights in Indonesia with us, for example from Jakarta & Bali to Manado with Garuda and Lion Air. These airlines issue eTckets and this means that we can book the flights for you and send you the tickets via email. Below images link to airlines’ respective websites.

domestic flights to manado - Lion Airdomestic flights to manado - Garuda

How does it work

You need to send us:

  • the dates that you are interested in
  • where you will be departing from (eg Bali)
  • if you are arriving on another flight (eg arriving into Jakarta with Singapore Airlines), please also send your date and time of arrival so that we can make sure we look at the option for the outward flight
  • your full names for the tickets

Once we receive this information, we will send you a quote for different flight options with availability on your dates.

At the time of sending a quote we will include the link to our online payment service so you can pay by credit card. We need to receive your money before we buy the tickets, once we have received the money, we will pay for the tickets and then email them to you.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, after we send you the quote you will have 1-2 days to send the money. The reason is that the airlines give us a time-limit of 1-2 days, if the money arrives after this then we will have to re-book and the price may be a bit different. There is nothing we can do about this, and this is why we ask for payment via credit card above – its a fast way to pay.

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Why book with us?

There are a few very good reasons.

  1. Change of flights – we will be notified of any change of flights, and we will make sure that this is passed on to you wherever you are so you do not need to be worried about not being told!
  2. Local Support for Free – one of our staff will provide a local point of contact for you who can be reached wherever you are. If you need to rebook then we will help you with different quotes and with any changes with follow-on itineraries. We will not add on any extra service charge for any new/subsequent flights that you need to book.

What Charges do we make?

New Flight Bookings

We add a 15% charge on to the price of the ticket – 5% credit card charge and 10% service charge. This will be detailed clearly in the quote that we send you.

Already in country? We will still make a 10% service charge, but you can opt to pay by cash into our domestic bank account, hence avoiding the 5% credit card charge.


We do not add any service charge for any re-bookings or for any changes with follow-on itineraries, but there may be credit card charge if you decide to pay for the re-booking this way. Note though if you are staying/diving with us then we can add it to your bill and/or you can pay with cash.

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